Random Quote #94 topic: evilplan

Pope Electric Yeti's Dating Guide or
How to Have Sex With a Real Live Girl....

Author's note: I say girl because; 1) I have no experience in picking up
guys and 2) I think a guide to picking up guys could be summarised in one
word "wanna?"....

1. Act innocent and aloof, this endears them to you. Also, due to the
viral climate these days, it is a big plus. A lot of women have this
thing about seducing the innocent.....

2. Wear a big silly hat with lots of blinking lights on it. I don't know
why this works, maybe its a phallic symbol or something.

3. Grow your hair long, let your freak flag fly as it were...

4. Take massive doses of psychedelic drugs whenever you can, this
prepares you for the befuddlement that the really *fun* women are going
to give you.

5. Date older women, they are usually better in bed and they sometimes
pay for your drinks.
Pope Electric Yeti, of Bourbon street and Protector of Hippees.
Founder of the Neo-Tantric-Animeri-Mystichood of Eris Esoteric
(not a religious organization)
Generic Indulgences*24-hour marriages*Annulments of Bad Relationships*
Exorcisms of Bad Karma*Anonymous Confession* Trust me I'm Infallible *
popeyeti@access.digex.net Hail Eris! Free Tibet!


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