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In the beginning, the Earth was an empty and desolate place. The peole,
long forsaken by their earlier gods, where unhappy and desperate to find
Into this unholy place stepped <<SHE>>. Everywhere <<SHE>> walked, the
people looked up and knew desire. From among those <<SHE>> saw, there were a fewwith true desire to server <<HER>>. It is from these elite few that <<SHE>>
created <<HER>> priest-hood, granting them the boon of servitude.
This created a vast jealousy amongst the people, they wanted to serve as
well. It is for this reason that the Nips and the Eyes came into being.
Each of these chose a priesthood from the remaining populous as fit their
But still the people were unhappy. The goddesses were glorious, and
just, but their priests fulfilled their desires, and the people went
unfulfilled. Thus, was created EVIL. He came upon the people in the form of
a goat. He came upon the Nips and anointed her throat. He then began to
sell her favors to the populous. When one of the unwashed masses would come
and cross his palm with coin, they would have the chance to be with the
nips. The Butt saw this, and decided that it was good. <<SHE>> gave the running
of the state over to EVIL, and allowed <<HER>>self the pleasure of controling
<<HER>> priest/slaves. But every so often, one of the populous wishes to
worship, and <<SHE>> allows them with vigor and happiness.

This is how the world came to be as it is. All praise "The Three"



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