Random Quote #84 topic: shlomif

* CPAN rating: Net-DNS-Check rated 4 stars by Ævar
Arnfjörð Bjarmason
<rindolf> Oooh! avar has rated a module.
<somian^{}> avar! WHAT ARE YOU DOING rating CPAN modules!?! Do you
really think you are QUALIFIED to be doing that!?! ;-P
* avar dongs somian^{}
* somian^{} laughs
<avar> I know PERL
<somian^{}> But can u mAke teh weB with teh PERL!?
<Earle_Martin> avar: I know DONGS
<avar> Earle_Martin: SHOW ME
<avar> Earle_Martin: Don't you mean DONG foo?
* somian^{} has a silly grin on his face as he decends
the stairs to make some fresh coffee
<avar> somian^{}: I maek teh web really well with PERL
<Earle_Martin> /DCC MATRIX avar
<avar> Earle_Martin: IT'S SO LARGE AND HARD!
<Earle_Martin> avar: You think that's milk you're drinking?
<f3ew> heh]
<avar> I was wondering why it was so delcicious
<avar> "I can't belive it's not jizz"
<f3ew> Take the red pill
<rfordinal_> blue!
<Earle_Martin> I know PERL: Programmer's Elite Robotic Language
* avar goes back to work
<Shadow42> I wonder what would happen if Neo was colorblind and
took the wrong pill.
<Earle_Martin> 10 DO ROBOT DANCE
<Earle_Martin> 20 GOTO 10
<avar> which doesn't involving discussing dongs in great
detail, unfortunately
<Earle_Martin> avar: the real world sucks

Perl, dongs and everything between on Freenode's #perl


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