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Freenode's #perl:


<spyro_boy> Oh! I fixed it :D
<spyro_boy> Yay :D
<rindolf> spyro_boy: congrats!
<spyro_boy> Thanks for your help, everyone. :)
<rindolf> spyro_boy: now you should translate this script to O'Caml,
Haskell, Perl 6.
<spyro_boy> rindolf, huh?
<rindolf> spyro_boy: Smalltalk, C, C++, Visual Basic...
<spyro_boy> rindolf, translate to what?
<rindolf> spyro_boy: to all these programming languages.
<spyro_boy> haha
<spyro_boy> rindolf, yeah.
<rindolf> Because a script in perl is Not Enough<tm>.
<rindolf> spyro_boy: but see the Great Computer Language Shootout.
<spyro_boy> rindolf, I tried learning C,C++, and Java, but I couldn't
catch on.


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