Random Quote #78 topic: evilplan

A new unit: The Sunshine - a measure of evil

1 Sunshine - a Smurf on a bad day
10 Sunshines - Average high school teacher
20 Sunshines - Nice college professor
30 - Vice-Dean of Students
40 - Certain people who should remain unnamed
50 - Spring Term CS 345 grader
60 - An average final
70 - Symmetry
80 - Pascal
90 - Incompetent lab TA's
100 - Cruel college professor
200 - Dean of Students
300 - People who organize assassination games for their friends
400 - People who participate in such games
500 - People who use real weapons in assassination games.
600 - Killing someone with a power sander just for the fun of it.
700 - Immolating a random passer-by just for kicks.
800 - The "average" serial killer
900 - The current level of Gerald de Sade, the Marquis' evil brother
1000 - The current level of that incarnation of Happiness, Mr. Sunshine
1100 - Jeff "The Chef" Dahmer
1200 - Charles Manson
1300 - The aspirations of the Marquis de Sade
1400 - Calculus and differential equations
1500 - Injecting someone's eyes with Drano (tm)
1600 - Michigan Tech --- Tech is Hell!
1700 - Skinning someone with dental floss and letting them live
1800 - Physical Chemistry
1900 - Hitler and Stalin
2000 - The goal of the current incarnation of Happiness
2001 - Professor Leifer - The Anti-Christ himself


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There is a simple script that displays a random message from a database of quotes (as in well-know fortunes game). This version is bundled with quotations from The Bible, The Talmud, The Koran, poetry, prose, famous people and books, humorous items.

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