Random Quote #73 topic: confucius, The Analects of Confucius, 551BC-479BC, from the Chinese Classics, translated by Legge, James, 1815-1897

CHAP. I. 1. Yao said, 'Oh! you, Shun, the Heaven-determined
order of succession now rests in your person. Sincerely hold fast the
due Mean. If there shall be distress and want within the four seas,
the Heavenly revenue will come to a perpetual end.'
2. Shun also used the same language in giving charge to Yu.
3. T'ang said, 'I the child Li, presume to use a dark-coloured
victim, and presume to announce to Thee, O most great and
sovereign God, that the sinner I dare not pardon, and thy ministers,
O God, I do not keep in obscurity. The examination of them is by
thy mind, O God. If, in my person, I commit offences, they are not to
be attributed to you, the people of the myriad regions. If you in the
myriad regions commit offences, these offences must rest on my

4. Chau conferred great gifts, and the good were enriched.
5. 'Although he has his near relatives, they are not equal to
my virtuous men. The people are throwing blame upon me, the One
6. He carefully attended to the weights and measures,
examined the body of the laws, restored the discarded officers, and
the good government of the kingdom took its course.
7. He revived States that had been extinguished, restored
families whose line of succession had been broken, and called to
office those who had retired into obscurity, so that throughout the
kingdom the hearts of the people turned towards him.
8. What he attached chief importance to, were the food of the
people, the duties of mourning, and sacrifices.
9. By his generosity, he won all. By his sincerity, he made the
people repose trust in him. By his earnest activity, his
achievements were great. By his justice, all were delighted.



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