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Democracy, n. [Gk. demos, people, cratein, to rule. No connection to
the etymology of 'demon'] A Utopian form of government based on the
twin assumptions that the majority will generally do what is noble,
just, and true, and that mass persuasion techniques cannot be used to
set aside good judgement.

Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man's
inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary.

-Reinhold Niehbuhr

It has been said that television is an example of democracy at its
ugliest; there is no accountability, and people tend to watch
something other than what they would publicly be seen as associating
with. It is a degenerating morass, increasingly portraying sexual sin
as harmless and bloodshed as an amusing sport; recent years have seen
the network television premiere of America's first made-for-TV war. It
was wrong of the Evil Empire to define a just war as anything which
advances the cause of communism; we know that a war is only justified
if it makes the world safe for freedom and democracy. Were that war
not to have been fought, Kuwaiti refugees would still be stranded in
the surrounding nations' disco parlors. We would not have been able to
restore the tyranny and human rights violations of the Kuwaiti ruling
family, nor, more importantly, implement important alterations to the
infrastructure of Baghdad to better deal with the problem of
overpopulation. All of this is necessary to be able to listen to a
child's shattered dreams, and then explain why Daddy isn't coming

For the majority to oppress the minority is perfectly democratic; the
condition for democracy is the desire of the majority, a consideration
independent of right and wrong. In perhaps the most spectacular
debacle of all, Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany, through means
which can only be described as unimpeachably democratic.

-- Hayward's Unabridged Dictionary

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