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Feminism, n. Like most philosophical and ideological currents, truth
gone mad.

Feminism at its heart embodies a substantial truth -- that women have
historically been treated as second class citizens (if even that), and
that no society can call itself just while conducting business as
usual -- and its development tells many other truths: love,
nurturance, and cooperation are foundational virtues in the life of a
society; emotion is an integral part of being human; human
relationships and community are important; pornography degrades women
and children, and promotes rape; no means no.

However, both first wave feminism (which sought equality on existing
terms) and second wave feminism (which seeks to completely redefine
the terms of equality) make statements that, if carried to their
logical conclusions, are absolute madness. (To which many feminists
would reply that logic is a tool of male oppression.)

At the root of this is a failure to identify the moral structure of
the universe as ordered by a God who is the ultimate of masculinity --
more Yang than Yang -- and a failure to recognize femininity as a
created good which, by its very nature, does not and should not order
the universe. First wave feminism did not understand the differences
between masculine and feminism; the second wave sees all good in terms
of the feminine and all evil in terms of the masculine.

Thus is embarked upon a project to remake society (which consists
entirely of male oppression) into a world of feminine good. The
results vary from the comedic to the destructive -- and end up to be
at least as baneful to women as men.

To be swept away are all of the classics of literature and philosophy:
their purpose is to justify the exploitation of women. Men's languages
are to be replaced by feminine tongues; they revolve around logic
rather than emotion, and are cruelly imposed on little girls before
they can learn to communicate by their own natures. Never mind that
women talk more than men, or that the study of languages is dominated
by women. Our languages are oppressive. Newton's Principia
Mathematica, the landmark work which laid out the foundations of
calculus, is "Newton's rape manual."

Of course, nearly all movements have a lunatic fringe, but it is
unnecessary to look at feminism's fringes to see the destructive.
Many, many women are told to regard every man as a potential rapist.
Trust is essential to every human relationship; it is a building block
as foundational as love and honesty. Yet feminism believes it in the
best interest of women to regard every moment with every man as
potentially turning into one of the deepest and inhuman violations
possible; this means that they are to spend every moment with every
man in unending fear.

Furthermore, at least a certain form of feminism, like
multiculturalism, relativism, etc. in that they form a core of
orthodoxy which the herd of free thinkers is shocked and indignant to
see someone go against. Never mind, for example, that early feminism
and the present black womanist movement found and find abortion to be
unacceptable; anyone who stands against the legality of abortion is an
abortion rights foe (just imagine what would happen if anyone used
language that loaded in reference to a liberal...) who stands in the
way of what can only be seen as a woman's private rights over her own
body. Never mind that other cultures -- even those which have had
substantial impact from other peoples -- are not multicultural and do
not see the multiplicity of existant cultures as suggesting that
everything is arbitrary, no one way of thinking or acting to be
preferred over any other; the existence of other cultures which see
things differently is proof that everything is an arbitrary matter for
which there can be no standard of judgement. (Never mind that there
are a great many things, such as the Natural Law and the absence of
our optimistic belief in human progress, which remain remarkably
constant across various cultures and ages.) And relativism, of course,
means relativism on some very specific points -- namely, everything
that forms a part of this core of orthodoxy is something that no
open-minded person could seriously question, and every belief which
could substantially challenge the core of orthodoxy is a relative and
subjective opinion which anybody may hold on condition that it is not
actually believed to be true. Upon even a few minutes of inspection,
it would appear that these beliefs are not only furnished by a zeal
not matched by thought, but are not even internally consistent.

But all of this doesn't really matter, because feminism and its
cousins are not meant to be thought about; only fought for.

With allies and a supporting movement like this, what woman needs

-- Hayward's Unabridged Dictionary

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