Random Quote #45 topic: koran, The Koran (Al-Qur'an), translated by Rodwell, J. M. (John Medows)

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

ALL that is in the Heavens and in the Earth praiseth God, and He is the
Mighty, the Wise!

His the Kingdom of the Heavens and of the Earth; He maketh alive and killeth;
and He hath power over all things!

He is the first and the last; the Seen and the Hidden; and He knoweth all

It is He who in six days created the Heavens and the Earth, then ascended His
throne. He knoweth that which entereth the earth, and that which goeth forth
from it, and what cometh down from Heaven, and what mounteth up to it; and
wherever ye are, He is with you; and God beholdeth all your actions!

His the kingdom of the Heavens and the Earth; and to God shall all things

He causeth the night to pass into the day, and He causeth the day to pass
into the night: and He knoweth the very secrets of the bosom!

Believe in God and his apostle, and bestow in alms of that whereof God hath
made you heirs: for whoever among you believe and give alms their's shall be
a great recompense.

What hath come to you that ye believe not in God, although the apostle
exhorteth you to believe in your Lord, and He hath accepted your alliance if
ye are true believers?

He it is who hath sent down clear tokens upon His servant, that He may bring
you out of darkness into light; and truly, Kind, Merciful to you is God.

And what hath come to you that ye expend not for the cause of God? since the
heritage of the Heavens and of the Earth is God's only! Those among you who
contributed before the victory, and fought, shall be differently treated from
certain others among you! Such shall have a nobler grade than those who
contributed and fought after it. But a goodly recompense hath God promised to
all; and God is fully informed of your actions.

Who is he that will lend a generous loan to God? So will He double it to him,
and he shall have a noble reward.

One day thou shalt see the believers, men and women, with their light running
before them, and on their right hand. The angels shall say to them, "Good
tidings for you this day of gardens beneath whose shades the rivers flow, in
which ye shall abide for ever!" This the great bliss!

On that day the hypocrites, both men and women, shall say to those who
believe, "Tarry for us, that we may kindle our light at yours." It shall be
said, "Return ye back, and seek light for yourselves." But between them shall
be set a wall with a gateway, within which shall be the Mercy, and in front,
without it, the Torment. They shall cry to them, "Were we not with you?" They
shall say, "Yes! but ye led yourselves into temptation, and ye delayed, and
ye doubted, and the good things ye craved deceived you, till the doom of God
arrived: and the deceiver deceived you in regard to God."

On that day, therefore, no ransom shall be taken from you or from those who
believe not: your abode the fire! This shall be your master! and wretched
the journey thither!

Hath not the time come, for those who believe, to humble their hearts at the
warning of God and at the truth which he hath sent down? and that they be not
as those to whom the Scriptures were given heretofore, whose lifetime was
prolonged, but whose hearts were hardened, and many of them were perverse?

Know that God quickeneth the earth after its death! Now have we made these
signs clear to you, that ye may understand.

Verily, they who give alms, both men and women, and they who lend a generous
loan to God, doubled shall it be to them and they shall have a noble

And they who believed in God and his apostle are the men of truth, and the
witnesses in the presence of their Lord; They shall have their recompense
and their light: But as for the infidels, and those who give the lie to our
signs, these shall be the inmates of Hell.

Know ye that this world's life is only a sport, and pastime, and show, and a
cause of vainglory among you! And the multiplying of riches and children is
like the plants which spring up after rain Their growth rejoiceth the
husband-man; then they wither away, and thou seest them all yellow; then they
become stubble. And in the next life is a severe chastisement,

Or else pardon from God and His satisfaction: and this world's life is but a
cheating fruition.

Vie in hasting after pardon from your Lord, and Paradise whose outspread is
as the outspread of the Heaven and of the Earth: Prepared is it for those who
believe in God and His apostles: Such is the bounty of God: to whom He will
He giveth it: and of immense bounty is God!

No mischance chanceth either on earth or in your own persons, but ere we
created them, it was in the Book; for easy is this to God

Lest ye distress yourselves if good things escape you, and be over joyous for
what falleth to your share. God loveth not the presumptuous, the boaster,

Who are covetous themselves and incite others to covetousness. But whose
turneth away from almsgiving Ah! God is the Rich, the Praiseworthy.

We have sent our apostles with the clear tokens, and we have caused the Book
and the balance to descend with them, that men might observe fairness. And
we have sent down IRON. Dire evil resideth in it, as well as advantage, to
mankind! God would know who will assist Him and his apostle in secret.
Verily, God is Powerful, Strong.

And of old sent we Noah and Abraham, and on their seed conferred the gift of
prophecy, and the Book; and some of them we guided aright; but many were evil

Then we caused our apostles to follow in their footsteps; and we caused Jesus
the son of Mary to follow them; and we gave him the Evangel, and we put
into the hearts of those who followed him kindness and compassion: but as to
the monastic life, they invented it themselves. The desire only of pleasing
God did we prescribe to them, and this they observed not as it ought to have
been observed: but to such of them as believed gave we their reward, though
many of them were perverse.

O ye who believe! fear God and believe in his apostle: two portions of his
mercy will He give you. He will bestow on you light to walk in, and He will
forgive you: for God is Forgiving, Merciful;

That the people of the Book may know that they have no control over aught of
the favours of God, and that these gifts of grace are in the hands of God,
and that He vouchsafeth them to whom he will; for God is of immense bounty.



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