Random Quote #24 topic: sex, Uhh. Well, you see, son, there are, umm, birds, and bees... This ranges from outrageously frank to moderately suggestive.

A Norse god decides to assume human form, come down from Valhalla, and check
out the local action. He finds himself in the piano bar of Caesar's Boardwalk
Regency in Atlantic City, and sits down to sip an Acquavit or two. After a few
minutes, an extremely attractive young woman, having been taken with his form
and features, sends a drink down to him, then joins him. The chemistry between
them is immediate and total. They have the next drink in her room, and spend
the night repeatedly making passionate love. The woman has no idea of her
partner's true identity; all she knows is he's driving her mad. In the
morning, the Norse god jumps into the shower. Reflecting on the previous
night he decides that he wants to be honest with his new lover. Without even
bothering to wrap himself in a towel, he leaps from the shower into the room,
where the woman is still in bed, exhausted. He kneels beside the bed, looks
deep into her eyes and says, "Honey, I have something very important to tell
you -- I'm Thor!".

The woman looks at him. "You're Thor?", she says. "My inthides feel
like grated cheeth!"


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